Google removed 700,000 bad apps from its store in 2017


Google removed more than 700,000 apps from Google Play in 2017 because these applications violated their policies, according to the search giant.

This figure represents 70 percent more apps than the ones eliminated the previous year, in 2016. According to Google, the number of apps that it removed from the store increased year after year because it was able to better identify bad apps and remove them more quickly. With this, the company seeks to protect the documents online and the devices of its users of the apps that contain inappropriate content,  malware  and that pretend to be from legitimate companies.

“Last year we reduced by more than half the probability of a user installing a bad application, so we protect people and their devices and make Google Play a more inhospitable place for those who seek to abuse this ecosystem of apps for their own benefit, “said product manager Andrew Ahn on the developer blog .

Ahn explained that with machine learning technology, Google Play has improved how it detects abusive apps, so much that now 99 percent of bad apps can be found and rejected from the store before users can download them. On the other hand, in addition to the apps that were removed in 2017, they also stopped accepting apps from 100,000 developers that Google identified as bad.


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