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Google will create a web browser compatible with augmented reality

Millions of people have used augmented reality on their cell phones, either because they have played Pokémon Go , because they send photos with masks on Snapchat or Facebook, or because they want to see the Imperial soldiers of Star Wars on the streets of New York .

Google announced on Monday that it works to bring augmented reality to millions more people with Android and iOS phones, and not through AR apps that have to be downloaded, but through the web browsers for mobile and desktop that all devices already have .

Currently the prototype developed by Google programmers with the software Article works in all browsers. The idea is that users can go to a Web page with 3D figures, choose one, and put it virtually in their physical space. The user will be able to walk towards and around the virtual object seeing it all the time through the browser of his mobile. In addition, users can move the object, resize it, and – for more advanced users – even adjust the object’s appearance to incorporate more with the physical environment.

According to Reza Ali and Josh Carpenter, engineers who design the Web user interface for Google’s Daydream platform, AR for the Web could be used in education, shopping, and entertainment.

Augmented reality technology already drives retail apps like Lowe’s hardware store that lets consumers see how a stove would fit in their kitchen. The goal of Google now is to bring that same function to the Web so that it is not available only by an app.

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