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The Nokia 3310 receives the 4G LTE update it so badly needed

Last year in February, when we first saw the Nokia 3310 , we had a chronic case of love at first sight.

The small and colorful phone reminded us of simpler times when T9Word was the best way to send text messages to your friends and before you “accidentally” spent hours traveling through social networks. But although nostalgia helped the phone to gain appeal, using it was like taking a step back to the Stone Age.

But now, the Nokia 3310 is receiving a much needed update. HMD Global, the company behind the current Nokia phone brand, announced the Nokia 3310 4G, which will come with 4G LTE connectivity like most other modern smartphones, allowing it to connect to the Internet at much faster speeds.

The Nokia 3310 4G can also be used as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to access the Internet on other devices, and comes with VoLTE, allowing you to call someone using your 4G connection, even if the voice network is weak . On top of that, the phone is like the Nokia 3310 standard with similar specifications and design.

So far, we know that the Nokia 3310 4G will arrive in China at the beginning of February, but we are not sure what other markets will get it, nor when. The 3G version of the phone arrived in the USA. at the end of October, eight months after it was announced for the first time worldwide, but a 4G update would definitely be welcome. We also expect to see the 4G version in other markets.

China is an important market for many phone manufacturers, who see the most populous country in the world as a quick way to gain global market share. The very low price of the Nokia 3310 could help you establish yourself in cities and provinces where citizens can not afford to buy higher-priced smartphones.

We may have more news about the 3310 4G at the MWC trade show, where, in addition to news from 3310, we were promised to see something “incredible”. Last year, HMD revealed a large number of phones in the MWC, including the Nokia 3310.

HMD Global did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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