Tired of the Gmail app? Astro brings virtual assistant and new integration with calendar


Astro receives its most important update to date to bring an improved interface, with new artificial intelligence features offered by its virtual assistant or bot , the possibility of integrating your calendar and other news.

The first version of the app that is available for Android , iOS and Mac was launched in March 2017 focusing on offering an email app with a little virtual assistance that allows you to keep your mail organized and simplify some tasks.

Later, the company added support for Amazon Alexa so that through your Echo you could obtain information about your mail and the integration with Slack that led to the Astrobot (assistant company) to easily share information between the two apps, integrate a search universal and even receive your emails directly in Slack.

The update that the company calls 3.0 wants to offer even more productivity with many more new features.

News from Astro Mail

Calendar integration : You can add your Gmail or Outlook calendar (like Office 365) to access it without having to leave your email, have the integration of the functions you perform in the app and to get information from it when asking the virtual assistant through of text or voice.

Update the integration with Slack: You can ask Astrobot questions about your calendar when you’re in Slack.

The new Astrobot: Responds to new commands, its functionality is divided into two tabs (questions to Astrobot and Insights). The central tab allows you to ask all sorts of questions to Astrobots and the next one, called Insights, serves as the center of the recommendations offered by that virtual assistant.

For example, it can tell you which email you think it is important to read soon, suggestion of emails to file or to cancel the subscription. In addition, it brings as important news the identification of messages that require an action because they mention a specific date or time; it also detects mentions within an email or Slack.

The virtual assistant understands more commands and shows you a suggestion of some of the functions with which you can attend, such as Zap to clean your email, set reminders, add an event in the calendar and enjoy some jokes that you also know.

Informative emails : Astro now allows you to receive daily or weekly emails to inform you of what happened during that period of time and guides you towards what you have to focus on that day.

Astro is a free app that is available for Android (in Google Play) , iOS (in the App Store) and Mac , as well as bot in Slack and has an habilitad ( skill) for Amazon Alexa .


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