Beware: Your new Galaxy S9 may need a new Gear VR


The appeal of virtual reality on phones is simplicity – and affordability: you use a set of $ 100 glasses and your phone and … that’s it. Samsung changed that a bit in recent years by requiring slightly different Gear VR models to fit their newer phones, most recently the Note 8 from last year.

Samsung’s newest phones, the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus , did not come with any new hardware for virtual reality, but they do work with the Samsung Gear VR. However, they only  work with the model for the Note 8 that was launched in September 2017 and not  with the almost identical version for the Galaxy S8 that debuted in March of the same year.

How to know if you are getting the correct Gear VR model? The version for the Note 8 could be called “compatible with Note 8” model. This Gear VR model number guide could help . (The model number to look for is SR-325).

So, to be clear, Samsung recommends using that Note 8 version mid-year for the best fit. According to Samsung, the S8 version could damage the S9 and not fit perfectly.

I did not try to put a Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus in the older Gear VR glasses to test this during my short practice time, but I would like to follow Samsung’s advice and keep the Note 8 model to test Oculus mobile applications. No danger.

The GS9 and the GS9 Plus are also ready for the DayDream View glasses.

Samsung has not confirmed any changes in the virtual reality content when using the new phones, but the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor that comes within the Galaxy S9 has many optimizations for augmented reality and virtual reality that could promise big changes in the future, Including the movement tracking inside out using the phone’s cameras, something that the Mirage Solo glasses do, but that Gear VRs still do not do.


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