LG will present a new V30 with AI camera at MWC 2018


LG will release a new version of its current flagship, the V30 , at this year’s Mobile World Congress , a vitamin model for 2018 that will boast, above all, have a camera with artificial intelligence (AI in its acronyms in English).

The Korean company has developed what it has dubbed ” Vision AI “, to make the phone’s camera smarter and easier to use for everyone. The Vision AI function will automatically analyze what appears on the scene and will recommend the best shooting mode among the eight available (portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise and sunset). It will be able to recognize the angle and color of objects, any reflection in the environment as well as lighting and saturation levels to achieve the best possible image.

With artificial intelligence opens a new world of possibilities in your purchases . You can do an image search or scan QR codes to find out where you can buy the item you’re capturing with the camera at a lower price. Vision AI can also enhance the brightness of the real image being captured with the phone in low light conditions to illuminate those parts that need it, they explain.

In addition to its new photographic capabilities, LG has also included in the renewed V30 the so-called ” Voice AI ” together with Google Assistant . You will now find new exclusive LG voice commands with which you can, for example, ask to take a picture in panoramic mode, in food mode or in low light mode (there are up to 32 own commands ). You can also say that a video is recorded in slow motion or even make the above mentioned an image search or scan of QR codes by voice to further improve the shopping experience.

LG has ensured that these are only the first elements of the “set of artificial intelligence technologies” that it is planning for the V30. He did not say when he plans to disclose the rest of the benefits, although you should not be too impatient either: before the end of February we will have told you everything.


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