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Samsung creates a double camera for cheap phone manufacturers

Samsung ISOCELL Dual will allow phone manufacturers to buy a complete solution for the cameras of their cheap phones.

Although we know Samsung for its phones or chips, the truth is that the company can also create sensors and systems for photographic capture. A sample is the new Samsung ISOCELL Dual camera system, which the company announced through its official blog.

This new technology will allow cheap phone manufacturers to buy a dual camera solution from the company, which will allow not only to take better photos, but also to integrate a series of easy-to-integrate tools into the new mobile phones.

According to Samsung, the dual camera has two image sensors that can capture different light information, enabling new functions such as selective focus and low-light shooting (known as LLS). The company explains that it has developed a solution that manufacturers can quickly integrate into new phones, saving research costs.

The South Korean company will sell its ISOCELL Dual camera in two versions. One with 13 + 5 megapixels and another with two sensors of 8 megapixels.

We should not expect this type of cameras on Samsung’s own phones, or at least none that will be launched immediately. For its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S9 Plus , the company is expected to incorporate a Sony IMX345 sensor, which would enable it to take photographic captures with 12 megapixels of resolution and the largest opening of a mobile phone of f / 1.4.

This type of rumors gain credibility, when we put together several of them, like this one at the beginning of the year, in which Samsung patented the slogan The Camera, Reinvented and that it would apply to the Galaxy S9 Plus.

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