Android P could have similar functions to the iPhone X


We already knew that Android P was going to receive with open arms all those screens that included the notorious notch, but it seems that the similarities with the iPhone X could be greater if we consider other functions that will include the future version of Android. As pointed out in 9to5Google , the Google developers blog has published a screenshot of Android P that shows quite different navigation buttons to which we are accustomed to see.

Instead of displaying the three classic buttons (back, home and multitasking), it seems that the system will offer only a back button and a bar reminiscent of the iPhone X. The image does not confirm anything, however, 9to5Google had previously heard that Google was testing a navigation bar that responded to gestures with which to launch multitasking, in the same way that the iPhone X works . The Back button would even disappear at times when it was not necessary, such as the main screen.

Anyway, if you do not like the idea too much, you should not worry about it yet. Many functions are usually tested experimentally, and hundreds of them stay on the road without getting to see the light with a final version of the system. Of course, that Google has escaped a capture with such detail does nothing but jump the alarms, so we have to take into account the function for future ads. Google I / O maybe?


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