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Android P: 5 new features that will reach your phone

Google revealed on Tuesday not only a surprising AI technology called Duplex , but many more details about Android P, the next major update of its mobile operating system.

Now we have a public beta , where you can sign up to help the company test the news. And, for the first time, Google has opened the beta program to devices outside of its own line of phones.

There are many new features in Android P that will reach your Android phone, but that date time depends on how often your phone’s manufacturer updates its operating system. However, the owners of a Google Pixel can expect the following functions to arrive on their device as soon as Android P is officially released later this year.

New navigation

At this time, most Android devices have three digital buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate the interface. With Android P, there is only one button. The start button now acts as an area where you use gestures to view recently used applications, quickly switch between them and open the application drawer.

Smarter configurations

With Android P, your phone will learn more about how to adjust the settings, such as the brightness of the screen, and also when you use an application (or applications). It will tune the operating system to increase battery life and overall performance.

For example, if you only open the Reddit application a few times a week, Android P will basically ignore any resource requests (sophisticated wording for renewal requests) from Reddit and instead devote power.

Suggestions for smarter apps


Continuing with the idea of ​​your Android device get more information about you over time, Android P will learn what actions you commonly perform with a specific application or contact and will show shortcuts to quickly carry out those tasks.

For example, if you normally call a relative around a specific time on a specific day, App Actions will provide a shortcut to mark the person from the application drawer.

The functions of Wellbeing

Google is addressing addiction to smartphones with a wellness program called Wellbeing . The company wants to encourage you to spend less time on the phone and more time living off the screens.

Part of the Wellbeing program on Android P there is a new panel that analyzes your usage habits based on the application, the number of times your phone is unlocked on a given day and the number of notifications received.

In addition, other features include a timer to limit the time you spend in an application and a new deactivation mode that turns your phone’s interface into a black and white screen at a set time each night. It is assumed that the lack of color discourages you from spending too much time on the phone just before going to bed.

Shush , a feature related to Do Not Disturb, is activated when you place a phone with the screen facing down on a flat surface. The phone automatically activates Do Not Disturb mode, ignoring possible interruptions during a family meeting or dinner.

New tool to make screenshots

Finally, Android P is improving the tools to capture screens. Now, after taking a screenshot, you will have the option to include text or images on it before sending it instead of depending on a third party app as it happened in the past.

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Kyle is the cheif editor of Today's Android. He's from Manchester, London. He's responsible for covering news from UK and around the globe.

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