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Google publishes its first ‘doodle’ in virtual reality

The beginning of virtual reality is a bit like the beginnings of cinema. Therefore, it is no accident that Google has made its first doodle in virtual reality dedicated to one of the pioneers of cinema, Georges Méliès, the inventor and French illusionist who directed pieces such as Journey to the Moon. The creator also came out as one of the characters included in the movie Hugo by Martin Scorsese.

The release of the doodle also coincides with the inclusion of Méliès films and memorabilia in an exhibition within the Google Art and Culture app, created by the  Cinémathèque Française  based in Paris. This is coordinated for the anniversary of the release of Méliès’ film The Conquest of the North Pole of 1912.

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The doodle , which is an animated short, is based on the art of Méliès’ work. He even uses techniques that he used in several films. Art director Hélène Leroux says, “We face it as if it were a ballet or a play you’re seeing in a theater, where you choose where to see, in these situations the viewer becomes the camera, editing his own film.”

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The two-minute short is as well done as a work by Pixar.

The doodle can be downloaded from the Google Spotlight Stories app for iOS or Android, and can be played using a phone in the Google Cardboard or Daydream View glasses. It can also be seen on the Spotlight Stories YouTube channel.

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