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Google updates Pixel Buds hearing aids with new gestures

pixel buds

The wireless headphones Google Pixel Buds are being updated from Tuesday with new gestures that users asked for some time.

Google launched a software update that includes three new ways to interact with hearing aids and through gestures. The software is already available to some users and next week will be available to all users.

The first new method is with three taps on the headphones to turn them on or off. Previously, you had to turn on and off with more steps, but now you only have to give three touches on the body of the headphones to turn them on or off.

The second method is two taps and allows to advance to the next song; This function must be activated from the Pixel Buds settings in the Google Assistant app. Google says that this function does not replace voice commands, so you can use the method you want.

Finally, this no longer involves gestures, but pairing with other devices has been facilitated. When you want to switch devices from your phone to your computer, just select the device and change the audio source.

The Pixel Buds hearing aids are Google’s bet to stop Apple and its AirPods . They have relatively the same time on the market but Google’s hearing aids have real-time translation with Pixel 2 phones.

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