Google wants to promote games that use Maps and Assistant


MOUNTAIN VIEW, California –  Google , during its developer conference I / O 2018 , shared several news about its products Google Maps and Google Assistant that will make users’ experiences much more fun.

In several talks during the event, the technology giant focused on how developers can develop games using Maps and Assistant platforms , especially now that advances in augmented reality and voice recognition have created new opportunities to attract non-users. only more users but also more income.

Rose Yao, the Google Maps product manager, said developers had been asking Google for access to 3D models of real maps to develop games using streets, buildings and other outdoor. This would save developers the time and money it takes to create their own models for their fictitious worlds.

Now using Google Maps, developers can use their imagination to adapt a city like Miami and modify it as they want: add snow, put it in the future or the past, and as part of the game, make players have to walk the streets looking of awards. Prizes, which could be found, similar to Pokémon, in real points of interest.

But beyond being able to use maps on a mobile to play, developers can also use the camera to include elements in AR, such as dragons, dinosaurs or even sleepwalkers.

The use of Google Maps, which was launched in 2005, for games is something new for the company. So is the monetization of the Maps platform . This means that there is a cost for developers, and depending on the game, also for players who would have to make purchases within the apps.

“This is the kind of product that we can create more and more according to the new industries that appear and that want to focus on how to interact more with the real world,” said Yao.

The first games developed with the Google Maps software kit (SDK) – Ghostbusters World , The Walking Dead: Our World , and Jurassic World Alive – are released this summer, said Clementine Jacoby, the manager of the game product for the Google Maps platform. The Mountain View giant  announced the SDK in March .

On the other hand, Google’s virtual assistant, which is a more recent product, can also be used to play.

Thushan Amarasiriwardena, the fun and leisure manager for the Google Assistant, explained that his team has been developing question and answer games for the Assistant with the intention of learning how to help developers do the same. In fact, together with BuzzFeed, they have already developed a test.

But a challenge that this executive, and other googlers , mentioned during the workshop is that the games need to work, not only with the speakers, but also in any other device compatible with the Google Assistant, such as a cell phone or a television. The idea is that the user can use their voice to play with the virtual assistant, but if there is a screen, perhaps the game can also include tactile or visual elements.

They also emphasized that the experience should be colloquial, with a structure of questions, answers and consistent actions to keep players focused on the game, and that they should focus on the market of millennials. , families and children. And, of course, if the players win, the developers should praise their triumph with sounds or other things.

And similar to Google Maps, the company also supports the monetization of these games. Some examples they gave were the ability to play certain games by subscription.

In addition to games for Maps and Assistant, Google announced this week new features such as the use of augmented reality to better guide the user when walking the streets. For his part, the Assistant will receive several updates to encourage you to use it more in your daily life, such as ordering food or creating routines.


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