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Pokémon Go creators want to create a 3D map of the world with your help

Pokémon Go creators want to create a 3D map of the world with your help

The creator of Pokémon Go , Niantic, wants to create a three-dimensional map of the world with the help of cameras on the phones of its players, according to the company’s CEO, John Hanke, told Reuters .

Pokémon Go was the biggest hit in the mobile space when it arrived two years ago, attracting millions of players to its version of augmented reality that allowed them to superimpose digital objects to the real world.

“We want the players to build the board they want to play on,” Hanke told the news agency. The report says that the company describes its project as an augmented reality map that will begin to develop in public spaces such as parks.

Pokémon Go players and other Niantic games can use their cameras to see game characters about the world around them, which will also help the map generator software automatically identify objects and buildings in the shot to create the maps 3d

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