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Qualcomm gives signs of life for Wear OS and new smart watches

Qualcomm will announce a new processor designed specifically for new generations of smartwatches in the fall of this year, according to Wareable .

The information from the reliable site specializing in clothing devices comes from a conversation he had with Pankaj Kedia, director of wearables at Qualcomm. As announced by Kedia, the announcement will come hand in hand with a flagship smart watch.

Kedia, as told to Wareable, said that by December there will be several models of smart watches on the market, but did not mention the names of these manufacturers and the manufacturer of the flagship smart watch.

The executive also did not mention details about this new processor, because the details will be kept for the official announcement.

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Kedia’s comments show that Wear OS, formerly known as Android Wear, will have new smart watches, maybe a new version of the operating system and, above all, it will have new features after being in torpor.

Google has not done much for Wear OS beyond the name change a few months ago. The operating system has lost relevance and in the I / O developer event it has hardly been mentioned. Given this lack of interest, manufacturers have stopped developing watches and the presence of the platform vanishes. Tizen, used only by Samsung, had more market presence than Wear OS in 2017 .

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