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Trump works with China so that ZTE ‘returns to business’

“Too many jobs lost in China,” wrote US President Donald Trump, in a tweet in which the executive seems to reach out to ZTE after the Department of Commerce deployed a strong battery of sanctions in April against The company specializes in cellular and telephone networks.

According to The New York Times , this tweet may be the product of the negotiations of a “technological cold war” between the two countries that began in part due to violations of US regulations of ZTE, which allowed its employees to violate commercial controls of United States against Iran and North Korea, and that also did not punish the workers involved.

“The Chinese president and I are working to give the huge mobile phone company ZTE a way to get back into business quickly, too many jobs lost in China, the Department of Commerce has already received instructions to move it forward,” Trump wrote on Twitter .

The Times assures that the “technological cold war” between the United States and China is “dangerous” and could be a “dead end”. China has so far had to lose because it has a great dependence on technology and innovation in the United States, although the problem for both countries is that they have interlinked supply chains.

Experts told the New York newspaper that Chinese companies try not to use US technology in the most essential parts of their products and also, the country has the slogan “Made in China 2025”, a challenge to become more self-sufficient in all areas since the research until the development of products.

“China and the United States are working well together in trade, but past negotiations have been so unilateral in favor of China for so many years that it is difficult for them to reach an agreement that benefits both countries. everything will be fine! “Trump tweeted four hours after the previous message on Sunday.

At the beginning of May, the Chinese government set off alarms : due to the prohibitions to do business with ZTE, the company had to start the early closing of many divisions, which generated a great wave of dismissals.

If ZTE can not obtain parts for their phones, and can not produce them, all the companies that are involved in that process suffer. Therefore, not only ZTE employees count, but all companies involved in the manufacturing process.

The Chinese government asked the Commerce Department to reduce sanctions, and since then, negotiations between the two governments have intensified. Trump wants to achieve a better deal with China, and the ZTE crisis seems to be in his favor.

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