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WhatsApp and black circle spam: What it is and how to take care of yourself

Internet users are going crazy for a new problem in WhatsApp created by spam.

A black circle is circulating among users of the instant messaging application inviting them to click. If the user falls into the networks of this message, the WhatsApp application may collapse and become unusable, forcing the reboot of the app.

According to the message “if you touch the black circle WhatsApp will get caught” is spreading like wildfire on WhatsApp. After the text, the message includes the emoji of a black circle that causes the app to crash .

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According to the same site, the creators of this bad joke managed to place a series of characters within the same message that when you click on it, the app can not process them all, forcing a reboot of the app to return to normal status.

A spokesperson for WhatsApp told CNET en Español that this type of message is spam and suggests users visit a site of frequently asked questions about these types of messages that are propagated with the sole purpose of annoying people who fall for the trick. . The spokesperson also emphasized the protection and security measures to be followed by WhatsApp users.

If you want to be protected from this new modus operandi , do not open the message if you receive it and delete it. Avoid forwarding it to eradicate the spread.

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