Android P Beta 2 will improve experience of double cameras: Here’s how to download the latest beta

There are also 157 new 'emojis' in this Android beta.


If you are anxious to see what Android P has for your phone, Google has just announced a new beta. This is Android P Beta 2, which advances a preview of what will come in the latest version of the operating system .

Android P Beta 2 marks the debut of the multi-camera API. The API allows phones to broadcast from two different physical cameras at the same time. This gives developers the opportunity to add some cool seamless zoom effects, stereo vision or bokeh on dual camera phones. Maybe we’ll see more phones with portrait mode when they update to Android P.

The bacon now looks more cooked and the salad becomes vegan.

The beta version also brings 157 new emoji , including a llama, a lobster, a bagel with cream cheese, superheroes and a face with three hearts. Oh, and Google took the egg in the emoji from the salad to make it vegan, changed the color of the bacon emoji to make it look more cooked, and added gender neutral options for the family and emojis of a couple in love.

How to download the Android Beta P 2 ?

You can download Android P Beta 2 on your Google Pixel phone by registering here. Google says that other phones in Android’s P beta program will get Beta 2 in the coming weeks.

Android P will bring a series of innovations to your smartphone, including new animations in different parts of the interface, notifications that can display images, intelligent responses in the notifications themselves and much more.

And while we all wait for Android P, Android Oreo after a year of release  still does not reach even 6 percent of users of the operating system worldwide. Apple took advantage of this detail to leave Google in evidence at its developer event WWDC 218, where the CEO, Tim Cook , recalled the fragmentation of the operating system and that iOS 11 has more than 80 percent adoption.

We take this article that compares iOS 12 with Android P , and helps us discover seven novelties that Apple copied from Google – and that possibly iPhone and iPad users will receive before.


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