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Facebook launches service to compete with YouTube Gaming


Facebook is adding new features to attract creators of content related to video games , which basically broadcast their games and win hundreds of views when they retransmit live.

After launching a program for creators of video game content in January – in order to pay professional players for the exclusive transmission of their games to other users on Facebook -, the social network presented its Gaming Creator page on Thursday. , which will act as a portal for videos of live and pre-recorded games, something similar to Twitch or even YouTube Gaming .

The new hub, available at , will help fans discover video games based on the creators and games they follow, the pages they like and the groups they belong to, Facebook said. The game portal will also feature creators, eSports competitions and content from the gaming industry.

The momentum of Facebook is a testament to the popularity of electronic sports, in which the best players from around the world fight each other in a wide range of games on the Internet. The eSports obtained more than US $ 450 million in 2016 and that number is growing rapidly. It is expected to be a US $ 1 billion industry next year.

Facebook also launched the Level Up program that will help new streamers create a fan base and earn money with fans’ subscriptions. Level Up members will also have early access to new features, advice from game creators with a track record and Facebook support for problem solving.

“We want to give emerging game creators the information and support they need so they can stream live more easily, grow their communities faster and focus on creating great content,” Facebook said in a blog post on Thursday.

The company also announced that it will be present at the E3 video game fair and that it will provide more details related to the Women Gaming Initiative, recently announced. 


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