Get ready: The Google login page will change

No, you are not crazy. Yes, it looks different. And no, it’s not a phishing scam.

Google is updating its login page.

In 2014, Google announced Material Design or material design, which is a visual language that helps unite its Web and Android interfaces. Google has been updating its G Suite apps since then.

The new Gmail, for example, was introduced in April and is now changing a small and crucial tool that you use all the time: the Google login page. 

Starting June 14, you will notice a new Google logo, a delineation around the text field and a centered alignment of all the elements on the screen, Google said in a G Suite blog

So if you notice the change next week, do not be scared. It is Google’s attempt to “express its brand and style through elements such as color, shape, typography and iconography”.

Source : Google

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Written by Tapan Barman

Tapan is a 20 years old and a current college going kid from India who loves to write and read about mobile technology. He covers almost everything but mainly he covers the news section. You can follow him on Facebook.

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