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Gmail launches ‘high priority’ notifications based on AI

Gmail gets news for iOS.

Google has announced that the Gmail application is updated with “high priority” notifications, which are based on Artificial Intelligence .

In its official blog , the company announced that this novelty will first reach the Gmail application for iOS , although soon it will also make its Android debut. As explained by the company, this new feature follows a series of updates that the company has been making of its main mail application for several months. In fact, this type of notifications was already available in the company’s other app, Inbox.

New smart notifications use deep learning and AI to identify which messages you want to read first. This feature will not be activated automatically, you must select “High priority only” in the Notifications menu in the Settings section of the Gmail app for iOS.

This new function of Gmail will end with a problem: receive hundreds of notifications of advertising mails or that simply are not important, filling your panel with messages that you will necessarily have to see and eliminate, or in many cases eliminate in a risky manner.

Google has learned over the years through Gmail the interests of users, from there, that “deep learning”, the company will draw conclusions about which emails may interest you more or less.

Android users who wish to experience this feature can download Inbox , where it is already available.

During Google I / O the company presented not only news for Gmail, but also for Google News, Google Maps and even Google Assistant.

Source : Google

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