Google reveals more details of Duplex and begins public tests this summer

The artificial intelligence that makes Google Assistant more human begins its initial tests to call stores or businesses for you.


Google will begin this summer the first public tests of Duplex , the function of Google Assistant that allows the assistant to make calls for you to businesses and stores. The company presented Duplex at its developer conference in May.

Google said that the first tests will be conducted with a small group of “reliable testers” and that there are already stores and businesses that have signed up for this program to receive calls from Duplex.

“In the coming weeks, Google Assistant will start calling businesses to confirm hours of service, but later users can start making reservations at restaurants and beauty salons,” said Google.

Each call made by Google Assistant in Duplex mode would begin with a greeting and then clarify that it is the virtual assistant of Google and that the call would be recorded. Google Assistant will not always say exactly the same statement, but would include different variations. In all, however, I would announce that he is Assistant and that the call would be recorded.

Google said it will allow businesses that are not interested in receiving these “automated” calls to opt out of participating through their listing in Google Business, as reported by  TechCrunch .

It is not clear how Google will select those “reliable testers”. We contacted Google to know more details about it and we will update this note if necessary. In the meantime, would you like to be part of this initial group of Google Duplex tests? Let us know in the comments.


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