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Google would launch its own video game platform: report


Google not only offers you your email or facilitates the life of your smart home with the Google Home, now also wants you to have fun under its own video game platform, or at least that’s what the rumors say.

A new Kotaku report ensures that Google is definitely working on a new video game platform that would have nothing to envy to Sony or MIcrosoft . The source indicates that from the Internet giant are working on several levels to get this project forward:

  1. streaming platform
  2. Some kind of hardware – a physical console
  3. An ecosystem of developers that works on new video games.

If Google is working in these three areas to develop its own empire of video games, we could be facing a new gaming revolution , predictably based on the Internet, and with facilities for Android and ChromeOS users.

The clues about the work that Google would be doing secretly come for years. The company would have tried to acquire Twitch, before it was bought by Amazon , and the company would have had at some point in its hands a console based on Android, similar to Amazon Fire TV , although it never reached the market.

This same year, during the Game Developers Conference, representatives of Google would have met with several executives of video game companies to assess the interest in their streaming platform , which is known as the Yeti code.

According to the source, Google also took a walk through the E3 video game fair in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, where not only spoke with the developers, but evaluated the possibilities of buying whole studios for this new project that is being brought .

Something that seems more than clear in this sea of ​​rumors is that Google’s new video game service will be linked to YouTube in some way and that Google has been hunting for the best in the video game industry to include them in its template, among they Phil Harrison, a veteran executive who worked at Sony and Microsoft, as general manager for PlayStation and Xbox.

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