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iOS 12 vs. Android P: 6 things that Apple copied from Google and Android

During WWDC 2018, the Apple developer conference , the company revealed the main features of iOS 12 and many seem to be copies of what Android already has or what will arrive in Android P later this year.

The next version of iOS (12) is available to developers and the company will enable iOS 12 beta in the future so that the public can also test the news, similar to what Google has done with Android P.

With iOS 12, Apple gets more up to date with the competition

With iOS 12, Apple gets more up to date with the competition

The two platforms share more similarities between their functions than before and it seems that Apple has been very aware of Android because some of the most important new features of iOS 12 have already been available on Android or Google announced that they will arrive in the next generation.

These are the main novelties of iOS 12 in which Apple was “inspired” by Google.

Grouping of notifications


iOS 12 does not drastically change the design or experience we have with the iPhone, iPad or iPod, but one of the most important news that will impact the experience we have with these devices are in the notifications.

With iOS 12, Apple devices will finally bundle notifications by offering a more organized panel and simpler control of everything that happens during the day, similar to how Android has offered for years.

Memoji and AR Emoji

Do you know the Samsung Galaxy S9and the Galaxy S9 Plus ? Well, these phones integrate the Emojis ARs, which not only allow you to animate different emojis and Disney characters (like The Incredibles, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, among others), but they have allowed you to create your own emoji .

With iOS 12, Apple will do exactly the same, by integrating a feature that can detect your face to create your own version of emoji – called Memoji.

Of course, it’s worth making clear that with the iPhone X, Apple popularized the  animated emojis with the animojis – before Samsung and Android.

Also, this time Apple allows you to put the face of that Memoji in real time on your body and Face ID technology should offer greater accuracy than Samsung technology, although we have not yet tested.

However, Samsung still has the advantage that allows to share the Emojis ARs through different messaging apps and not only through the default (as it is iMessage in iOS) and has the Disney association.

Screen Time and Dashboard (Digital Wellbeing vs. Digital Health)

Apple wants to help you improve your digital health with new features and tools that allow you to learn more about your use of apps and Web pages.

Apple wants to help you improve your digital health with new features and tools that allow you to learn more about your use of apps and Web pages.

Apple wants to help fight “cell addiction” with the new feature called Screen Time in iOS 12, which allows you to better know how much time you spend on apps and Web pages, as well as allowing you to take control to create limits in time you can use apps.

This is almost the same thing that the Android P Dashboard promises to offer, which gives detailed reports of your use on the device and control to limit the use of apps after a certain time.

Shortcuts or shortcuts

In iOS 12, Apple not only promises improvements in the suggestions of actions based on your routine, but also integrates to apps to create shortcuts according to the app. Through the Shortcuts app you can create your own shortcuts.

Google Assistant, a virtual assistant that is not only available on Android, has since last year created shortcuts to different functions that you can activate with a voice command. A few weeks ago he began to enable the next evolution of these shortcuts called routines. Through these routines you can customize even more what Google Assistant can do after you say a single voice command.

It is possible that the Apple interface is much friendlier and easier to use, but until we test it we will not know.

IOS apps in MacOS or Android apps in Chrome OS

Will MacOS merge with iOS or will Chrome OS work with Android? These are questions that have been around for years in the world of Apple and Google, and although the two companies have made it clear that they do not (for now).

With iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave , Apple follows the steps that Google started since 2016 by allowing Android apps to run on Chrome OS.

These recent versions of Apple’s operating systems mark the beginning for the company to start bringing iOS apps to MacOS. However, the company promised that this will be available first to developers until 2019, so the general public will have to wait longer.

Photo suggestions

The iOS 12 photo app will now suggest you share photos with specific users, using facial recognition and other features of the photos, similar to what Google Photos (Google Photos) has already offered for a long time.

Google Photos is an app that is not only available on Android (it is also available on iOS) that also offers suggestions for creating GIFs, movies, collages, stylize photos and change the brightness of photos.

iOS 12 vs. Android P: Conclusion

Is Android P better than iOS 12? Yes and no. Actually, everything is a matter of customs and preference. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we simply compile some iOS 12 features that are the same or very similar to some features that Google already offered or already promised that will come.


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