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6 tricks to use the Android Messages app on the web

During the last days of June, Google launched its app Messages for browsers, a service that allows you to send and receive text messages from any web. The site is already live right now, but you will need an update of the Android app Messages before you can start using it.

In fact, you will have to use Android Messages, unlike the Samsung Messages app used by Galaxy cell users, to write messages on the Web.

The configuration is very simple

Seriously, if you ever scanned a QR code, you’re ready to link the app Messages on your phone to your browser.

On your computer, open a browser and enter the site  in the address bar. On your phone, open the Messages app and touch the menu button (top right corner), then select Messages for web  >  Scan QR code . Direct the camera of your cell phone to the QR code that appears on the screen of your computer.

A few seconds later, the Messages app on your phone will be linked to your computer. Easy peasy.

Remember this computer

You do not have to run this same linking process every time you want to use the Messages app in your browser. To avoid this, you can select the button Remember this computer  that is under the QR code in your browser so that each time you visit this site, the link is retained.

If you never saw that you had this option during configuration, a message just above your conversations will ask you if you want to remember it or you can click on the menu icon that is just above the New conversation button in the Web application> Settings  >  Remember this computer .

If you are worried that someone else is going to use the same computer and monitor your messages, do not worry – you can log out remotely (we’ll talk about that later).

A very useful reminder

When you are actively using e; app Messages for the Web, a persistent notification will appear on your Android device, which will let you know that this application is being used elsewhere. If you open the notification it will take you directly to the configuration page of the application.

According to my own tests, it seems that the alert only appears when the Messages web page is actually in use. If you (or someone else) opens another browser window, the alert disappears from your phone.

Log out remotely

If you forget to close your App Messages session on a computer, you can log out of all the computers linked to your account from your phone.

To disconnect, you can use the reminder notification that we just commented or open the Messages app, go to the menu and select Messages for the Web .

There you will find a list of all the computers that are currently linked to your account. Select the “X” next to the computer from which you want to disconnect, or select Close session on all computers in the button that you will find at the bottom of the page.

Drag and drop

Do you have a large collection of GIFs stored on your computer? You can drag and drop them directly into a conversation. You can not share PDF or Word files, but the image and video files seem to work fine.

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