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Beyond China, the Vivo Nex will be sold in other countries


In addition to China, the Vivo Nex cell phone can be purchased in other countries and regions such as Russia, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the company said Monday.

The arrival of one of the most interesting cell phones of 2018 to these markets will begin in the month of July.

The Vivo Nex is the final and commercial version of the Vivo Apex prototype that we met at the beginning of the year. It integrates a screen practically without bevels (and without eyebrow), a hidden front camera that appears only when you need it and a fingerprint reader integrated into the screen. 

The Vivo Nex is priced at 3,898 yuan, about US $ 580, and the company has not disclosed whether it would reach the US, Spain or any country in Latin America.

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