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Google says ‘no’, Duplex will not use AI to replace humans


The Google Duplex technology was designed to work for people – not to take away their jobs, according to Google. 

When Google revealed Duplex at its developer conference this May, it left everyone with their mouths open . Technology is an expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) by Google Assistant and is supposed to sound more like a human. Google says the purpose of Duplex is to use your AI to call merchants on your behalf and get you appointments.

Now a company supposedly wants to use Duplex on the back: on the part of businesses to talk to users. According to  The Information , an insurance company that was not named investigates ways to use Duplex in customer service centers. 

However, Google denies this. A Google spokeswoman sent  the following statement:

“We are currently focused on cases when the use of Duplex technology is in favor of consumers to help them do things, instead of applying it to possible cases of business use, we are not testing Duplex with any business client.” Duplex is designed to operate in very specific use cases, and currently we focus on trying to make reservations for restaurants, hairdressers and on holidays with a limited set of trusted people.It is important that we have the right experience, and we are taking a slow measure and measured to incorporate the learnings and the comments of our tests “.

The report from The Information then adds that the insurance company slowed down its work on the project due to ethical doubts. The idea of ​​calling a customer service center and not knowing if you talk to a robot or a human is disconcerting. But Google says that will not be the case – yet.

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