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The Galaxy Note 9 with Exynos processor would surpass the version with Snapdragon

The unlocked Galaxy Note 9 appears in a performance test in Geekbench .

The phone with model SM-N960N, which integrates the processor Exynos 9810 instead of the Snapdragon 845 as the Galaxy Note 9 with model SM-N960U that we met a few months ago, achieved superior markers. 

While the one with the Qualcomm processor obtained markers of 2,190 (one core) and 8,806 (multiple cores), the Galaxy Note 9 with Exynos processor achieved markers of 3,716 and 8,984, which would make it superior in this regard, especially in processing data with a single core.

In the tests we conducted in our analysis of the Galaxy S9 Plus with the Snapdragon 845 processor and the Exynos 9810, we also noticed a significant difference in the single-core processing marker, achieving markers of 2,436 and 8,425 in the same test. However, in our 3DMark graphic processing tests, the Galaxy S9 Plus with Snapdragon 845 processor easily surpassed the one with the Samsung processor version.

Although these tests could be from a prototype, Samsung has already confirmed that it will present its next flagship phone on August 9 at an event in New York

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