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The Galaxy X battery could be up to twice the size of the Galaxy S9: report

Galaxy X battery

Samsung’s mobile phone Galaxy X would begin mass production in the second part of 2018 and would integrate a battery with the same capacity of the Galaxy S9 (3,000mAh) or perhaps twice as large (6,000mAh), as revealed by the ITHome Chinese publication .

The publication that has been successful in some rumors and leaks in the past ensures that industry sources revealed that the cell phone would have a folding battery developed by Samsung SDI, similar to the one that the company developed four years ago with a capacity of 210mAh.

That battery had so small capacity for different limitations, but apparently the company has managed to overcome them to develop a battery with a capacity suitable for use in a cell phone.

It is expected that the Galaxy X will be presented in 2019 and the publication suggests that it could be at the same time of the Galaxy S10. For now, the next flagship phone that the company will present will be the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9.

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