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Twitter has suspended more than 70 million accounts in recent months: report


Twitter eliminated an average of 1 million accounts every day in the months of May and June, The Washington Post reported Friday.

In total, according to data obtained by the newspaper, Twitter has suspended more than 70 million accounts in recent weeks as part of its efforts to counteract the spread of false information. This process has been accelerated, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, since October 2017 when Twitter began to recognize how its platform was manipulated to influence the US presidential elections.

However, this intention to look good with the public and the US government. It will probably affect its shareholders. The elimination of so many accounts could affect the number of users announced by the social network at the end of its fiscal second quarter, which was this June 30. Currently Twitter has about 336 million active users per month , a sum that influences the amount and price of advertising that sells Twitter.

In response to a request for a comment, Twitter directed a blog last week where it offers an update on its efforts to remove false accounts. It says that this 2018 “eliminated 214 percent more accounts for violating their policies” compared to 2017. He added that fewer people are complaining about garbage or spamtweets  .

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