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YouTube will invest US $ 25 million to combat false news


Companies with streaming video services such as Facebook and YouTube suffer from a weakness when it comes to fighting the spread of false news on their platforms: it still costs artificial intelligence to deduce whether the images in a video have been manipulated to deceive the public.

To prevent its users from falling victim to false information, YouTube announced on Monday that it will invest US $ 25 million to boost its work and better support digital news. Also, the streaming service will add previews to the text of the last minute news, highlight videos from reliable sources at the top of its interface and focus on highlighting local news videos.

The feature that highlights breaking news videos from reliable sources was launched today in 17 countries including the US, Mexico and Brazil. YouTube will duplicate this list in the coming months.

YouTube will also add links to verified publications on Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica on events in which many people still doubt as the landing on the Moon and the bombing in Oklahoma City. Six influential youtubers (none Latin or who publish videos in Spanish) among them John Green , Ingrid Nilsen and Mark Watson will collaborate with Google to make informative videos to instruct teenagers on how to detect fake news.

This US $ 25 million fund is part of a larger initiative with a total budget of US $ 300 million that Google announced in March to fight against misleading information.

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