4 new features of the S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has for the first time an S Pen with Bluetooth connectivity to offer more features than before.


With a refined S Pen, the Galaxy Note 9 continues to improve to please its loyal audience and possibly attract a new one.

Next, we collect four new features of the Galaxy Note 9 stylus.

More colorful

The S Pen is now available in yellow, purple, copper and black. This varies depending on the model you buy, since for example the Galaxy Note 9 in blue is the one that brings the yellow stylus; the purple Galaxy Note 9 has a purple color; copper, in copper color and black in black.

Write with colors on the screen always on

Depending on the pen color or stylus S Pen you have on your Galaxy Note 9, the writing on the screen always on will vary. For example, with the S Pen of yellow color you will write in yellow, purple in purple and so on, although the black one writes in white. These colors are predetermined, but if you do not like them, you can change them.

It works as a remote control

Another important novelty of the Galaxy Note 9 S Pen is its Bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to function as a kind of remote control.

For example, this  Galaxy Note 9 stylus allows you to control a PowerPoint presentation, play music in apps like Spotify or you can even use it to activate the camera’s trigger with just pressing its button.

This function of S Pen Galaxy Note 9 works with all kinds of apps to activate different functions, but anyway the company will release an SDK so that developers can enable or optimize these functions in their respective apps.

For example, in the camera you can press once to take a picture or press twice to switch between the front camera and the rear cameras.

Open apps

The Bluetooth connectivity of the S Pen in the Note 9 also allows you to open apps just by holding down the button. For example, you can keep it pressed to open the camera app, although this can be customized to trigger other actions.


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