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A supposed and advanced Moto G7 appears online

The images of the G7, successor of the G6 launched just a few months ago, leave many doubts about its authenticity.

Two images (on the left) of the supposed Moto G7, together is an image of the Motorola One (right). Weibo (Via XDA Developers)

Motorola will take the tab to its mid-range cell phones and will do so sooner rather than later.

According to images published on the Weibo social network and reproduced by XDA Developers, Motorola plans to place the tab in the form of a drop ( waterdrop notch, in slang) in the next iteration of its Moto G cell phones and that would supposedly be called Moto G7.

The images show the front and back of the cell phone, in a reddish tone that is not very common to see in the cell phones of the batwing firm. XDA says that the source assures that it is the Moto G7, but the cell phone information mentions that the name of the cell phone is the Moto G6 Plus, a phone launched almost half a year ago but with a notch, different design.

The incongruence in the software information and the name that the source affirms raises the doubts about the veracity of the information, But companies often change the information on their test cell phones to avoid leaks such as the official name or the components that will be inside.

Other visible aspects are the location of the fingerprint reader on the back, which acts as a circle for the company’s logo; The front bezels are thinner than the Moto G6, and those differences are what give strength to this report.

The images leaked on Weibo also include a photo of the Motorola One, a cell phone in which the Lenovo subsidiary is also working and that it would launch very soon. This cell phone would be with thin bevels and with an eyebrow, although not in the form of a drop like that of the supposed G7.

Motorola does not comment on reports and has not disclosed plans to launch more phones this year after the launch of Moto Z3, its flagship phone, a few months ago.

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