Bixby becomes smarter with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung says the new version of its virtual assistant understands human conversations better and becomes more personal.

Bixby on Note 9
Bixby on Note 9 (and for the future) promises to be smarter - and talkative.

In the  Samsung event not only new phone, watch and speaker were introduced; There was also more intelligence.

The South Korean giant revealed that Bixby, the virtual assistant designed at home and that provides intelligence to their devices, returned from school with new features so that users stop complaining that Bixby is lagging behind Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant.


The new Bixby is now more “conversational”, according to Samsung executives. This means that the virtual assistant now understands better the human conversation so that users can speak in a more natural language and not robotized.

Samsung said that Bixby will now have more integration with Google Assistant, but did not give more information on how it will work, since it sounds a bit complicated to have to use two virtual assistants. Bixby will have integration with Google Maps to take advantage of Google’s GPS information and give better route suggestions.

Finally, Samsung said that Bixby is “more personal”. The virtual assistant learns from your preferences, for example food. Now the assistant will know that you like green enchiladas with chicken and the first thing she will suggest when searching for a restaurant will be those who sell the delicious dish. If you usually eat in a group -between the week and at lunchtime- Bixby will make group reservations without you telling him the number of attendees.

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Written by Kyle Frost

Kyle is the cheif editor of Today's Android. He's from Manchester, London. He's responsible for covering news from UK and around the globe.

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