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Calm your jealousy: Fortnite will hit every Android device on August 13

If your cell phone is not an iPhone or a recent Galaxy, you may not yet be able to play Fortnite on mobile phones; but from August 13 you can enjoy it without excuses or pretexts.

To play Fortnite on iOS you only need an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or later, but on Android for a momentary exclusive, only those users with a Galaxy S7 or newer (including the new Galaxy Note 9 ) can download the game at the Google platform.

The Samsung exclusive begins on August 9 and ends on the 12th of the same month. As of August 13, users of any phone or tablet with Android will be able to download the game -this is clear, waiting for the device to be compatible-. Epic Games has not yet said what version of Android is needed to run Fortnite .

Epic Games must still define how Fortnite will be installed on Android. The developer has already confirmed that it will not be commercialized through the Play Store, so it may be necessary to take more steps to enjoy the fashion game on your Android phone.

This week, prior to the announcement of the Note 9 and Fortnite, as exclusive of Samsung phones, the site XDA Developers gained access to Fortnite and was able to run it on several Android phones, including a Pixel 2 XL and an Essential Phone.

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