Charge your Note 9 and a watch at the same time with the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

With more and more devices supporting wireless charging, Samsung now has a dual charger for phones, watches and any other device.


Since wireless charging is becoming the new standard, having a point where you can charge your phone and other devices compatible with wireless charging is important. Until now, the owners of an iPhone have been  waiting  (and waiting) for the  Apple AirPower multi- charger , and Logitech recently announced a new port for wireless charging for the iPhone. Now, Samsung is pairing next to its newly announced Galaxy Note 9 with the new (though previously filtered) Duo Wireless Charger.

This two-in-one charger has a round stand for a device you prefer to keep upright, like a phone, next to a secondary flat pad where you can accommodate a smart watch, a second phone or any combination of two compatible Qi devices . Although they look different, both load surfaces provide 15 watts of load power.

We still do not have a release date or price for the Duo Wireless Charger, but since the filtered units have already  been seen out there , it will probably be in stores soon. 


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