Galaxy Watch: Samsung gives new name to Gear S4 and improves it

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the new smart watch that many expected to be called Gear S4, and integrates a round AMOLED screen, rotating bezel, more resistance to water and a specification update.


The Galaxy Watch is Samsung’s smart watch that comes as the successor to the interesting Gear S3 , offering a refinement in design and functions.

Samsung Galaxy Watch, not Gear S4

Since the beginning of the year, the arrival of the Gear S4 has been rumored and now Samsung has made it official – but with the name of Galaxy Watch.

The watch is available in two versions to please more users. On this occasion, the Galaxy Watch will be available in 42mm and 46mm versions.

Galaxy Watch: Features and specifications

  • Screen : AMOLED
  • Sizes : 42mm and 46mm
  • Glass : Gorilla Glass DX +
  • Water resistance : Yes, allow up to swim
  • Functions : Detection of blood pressure, heart rate, steps, elevations, calories and distances.
  • Virtual assistant : Bixby 
  • Operating system : Tizen
  • Battery : “Several days with a single charge”, according to the company
  • Connectivity : With LTE or Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

Price and availability

Although Samsung has not announced an availability date for the Galaxy Watch, the 42mm watch will be available with a price of US $ 375 and the 46mm with a price of US $ 400. Although these prices are from T-Mobile, it is expected that it can be purchased in more places.


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