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Gmail on Android now allows you to undo email sending

The new function to undo the Gmail app for Android allows you to change your mind when sending a message.

What can be the most useful feature of email is now available in the Gmail app for Android: undo the sending of messages. 

The ability to undo the sending of an email was already available in the desktop version of Gmail, as well as in the Inbox app for iOS and Android. But version 8.7 and later for Android now includes this feature, according to  Android Police. A Google support page also highlights that you can remove a message before pressing the submit button in the Android app. 

This is how you can take advantage of this function: After sending an email, you will see a message that will appear at the bottom of the screen that gives you the option to cancel the message before it is sent. Pressing the cancel button will take you back to the draft of the email. If you do not press cancel and the email is sent, you will see a notification that will give you the option to undo the shipment. Selecting that option will also take you back to the draft of the email. 

If you are sending an email to another Gmail user, Google will take care of removing the message, according to Android Police. Messages sent to other email services may experience a slight delay, which means you can stop sending the message with the undo button if you change your mind. 

Google did not respond to a request for comment or confirmation of when this feature will be deployed. 

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