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Google could be close to opening its first flagship store: report

Google has already launched some pop-up stores in New York.

Apple has its own flagship stores, but also Microsoft, Samsung and Razer have them. Well, as the Chicago Tribune now reports , it is possible that Google is the next company to make the leap to retail stores.

According to the publication, Google plans to open a two-story, 14,000-square-foot store in the Fulton Market district of Chicago, and would be on the verge of closing the lease.

According to reports, the store will be located between 845 and 853 W. Randolph Street, right here :

The third showcase on the right has a sign indicating

The third showcase on the right has a sign indicating “retail space” right in the window.

As we can see, the reported location of the store is very close to the Google headquarters in Chicago:

The Tribune also says that the presence of Google already “played an important role in its day” by converting Fulton Market into an exclusive neighborhood. “We do not comment on rumors or speculation,”

However, if the opening of the store did not come true, we would not be surprised, because as Ars Technica points out , Google has canceled similar plans at least twice, including the infamous Google Barge of the company that mysteriously appeared in the bay of San Francisco in 2013 and 2014:

Having said that, Google has recently tried to create pop-up stores like this one in New York City:

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