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LG will integrate Google Assistant in their new wireless headphones

The company will present its new headphones during the IFA in Berlin.


In the era of virtual assistants, with Siri, Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant increasingly integrated, it is logical that brands are willing to incorporate them into different devices. LG is one of the brands that bets to take the attendees of mobile phones or smart speakers and shows that is the announcement made today.

The company will use the framework of the IFA 2018 in Berlin to present its new LG TONE Platinum SE wireless headphones with Google Assistant. This model of hearing aids will be updated by adding a dedicated button to the Google assistant with which we can interact with him without having to take the phone out of his pocket.

The LG TONE Ultra SE line is also updated by adding an external loudspeaker, specifically the updated models will be the HBS-1120 from the TONE Platinum SE line and HBS-835S from the TONE Ultra SE line. Both will include a dual MEMS microphone with which LG promises us an enhanced audio calling experience.

In the HBS-1120 model will come the button dedicated to Google Assistant with which we can invoke the assistant directly, without having to say “Ok Google” and with the possibility of having a real-time translation with Google Translate. 

In order to see and test these new devices, we will have to wait until next week, during the IFA celebration where the company will probably also reveal data such as price and availability.

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