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Spotify integrates with Samsung’s phones and appliances

Spotify now integrates even more with Samsung products.

Samsung and Spotify are now best friends.

Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, made a surprise appearance at the Unpacked event of Galaxy Note 9 to announce an integration that will take the streaming music service to Samsung’s phones, televisions, speakers and appliances.

Samsung executives showed this integration during the event on Thursday and simulated the journey of a person leaving the office and arriving home, all with Spotify music in the background.

The user will be able to play music on his Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9, get home and press just one button to send the sound of the phone to the Galaxy Home speaker ; or in case of going directly to the living room, send the music to the television. 

This alliance will be fruitful for both parties. Spotify will benefit from the high volume of Galaxy phones and Samsung appliances in the market, and the South Korean firm will receive love from the most used streaming music service in the world.

The alliance allows Samsung to offer its users an acclaimed music service integrated into their products without the need to create and maintain their own service. Samsung has not had good luck with music and their attempts had more pain than glory .

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