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The Galaxy Note 9 has the best screen on a smartphone: DisplayMate

Galaxy Note 9

Samsung once received praise for the screen of one of its flagship phones. Again, DisplayMate  crowned the Galaxy Note 9 screen as the best on a smartphone today.

Last year, the firm specializing in screen analysis said that the  screen of the Galaxy Note 8  was the best on any phone at that time, and months later highlighted the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus screens  . Even after Note 8, the firm said that the screen of the iPhone X , which is also manufactured by Samsung, was considered by its experts as the best at that time.

On this occasion, DisplayMate revealed the results of the analysis of the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy Note 9 and concluded that it is the best screen that a cell phone currently has. The precision of colors, brightness and viewing angles of the Note 9 screen were some of the things that DisplayMate highlighted.

The firm said that the screen of the Galaxy Note 9 is 27 percent brighter than that of the Note 8 – which measures 6.3 inches -, and that it has a 32 percent higher contrast at maximum brightness (with automatic brightness enabled).

The screen of the Galaxy Note 9 achieved a maximum brightness of 1,050 nits, which is a bit below the 1,200 nits achieved by the Note 8. But when playing a totally white image achieved 710 nits, which is higher than what was achieved the company in its predecessor and in the Galaxy S9.

Although the Galaxy Note 9 certainly has a beautiful screen, the cell phone also brought for the first time an 8GB version of RAM that will please many. It also has the largest battery that has had a cell phone in the Note series (4,000mAh), which will give peace of mind to consumers who want to use that screen to its full potential without having to charge the phone very often.

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