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The LG V40 would be ahead of the Galaxy S10 with one of its most important features

Although the Huawei P20 Pro already has a triple camera, the LG V40 and the Galaxy S10 would come with three rear cameras that would offer much more flexibility to take pictures.


The LG V40 and the Galaxy S10 would share one of its most important features.

According to multiple rumors in recent months, Samsung plans to launch at least one version of the Galaxy S10 with the triple rear camera, while the latest filtration of the LG V40 published by the site MySmartPrice revealed images of an alleged LG V40 with three rear cameras.

Although this does not mean it is coincidental because the Huawei P20 Pro has been in the news mainly for its three rear cameras, the interesting thing is that LG and Samsung would bet on a combination of a regular camera, a wide angle and a telephoto that allows Optical zoom of at least 2X.

For Samsung, it is not totally new to have a regular camera and a telephoto with 2X optical zoom since it has been integrated into the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 Plus and even the Galaxy Note 8. That said, the big news would be directly in a wide-angle camera, territory where LG has led without many problems.

LG phones have had for several years the combination of a wide-angle and a regular camera, offering a different perspective that I personally enjoy a lot, since the wide-angle camera allows you to capture more space from the same distance and makes everything much more immersive. That said, the great novelty of the LG V40 would surely come with a telephoto as the third lens, territory where Samsung and other companies have already launched several models with these characteristics.

The interesting thing is that the launch of the LG V40 is expected to be this year, possibly in October or November, while the Galaxy S10 would not arrive until next year, probably at the end of February. This makes LG ahead of an important way to Samsung in one of the most important news that his cell phone would bring.

The Huawei P20 Pro already has three rear cameras and was ahead of them all, but its nomination is very different since it has a regular color, another regular black and white, and the third is a telephoto. I think the combination that is supposed to come with a Galaxy S10 and the LG V40 offers much more flexibility to take different perspectives of the same scene or moment.

On the other hand, it is worth bearing in mind that neither of the two companies has confirmed the launch of these phones or that the triple camera will arrive in those cell phones. 

In addition, in the MySmartPrice images there is something strange, since in the images where the cell phone is on its side it seems that the cameras were vertically like in the LG G7 because it is what you see that leaves the body, while in the photo of the back is that the three cameras are horizontal. It may be that the bottom part is the fingerprint reader, but then what is seen protruding should be divided in half. 

That said, MySmartPrice has had a good record of leaks in recent months.

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