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Where and when to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Note 9

Samsung on Thursday presented its next Galaxy Note 9 cell phone that will offer improvements on the already pretty good, impressive and expensive predecessor, the Galaxy Note 8 .

But it seems you’ll have to get used to paying more for future Galaxy Note cell phones . The price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be US $ 999.99 for the 128GB model, US $ 50 more than the Note 8 unlocked. The price of the Note 9 of 512GB will be US $ 1,249.99.

In the US, cell phones will be available pre-order from August 10 and both will reach wireless operators and large retailers – in the colors ocean blue and purple – on August 24.

The Note 9 (128GB), in addition to Samsung’s apps and websites, will be available on all major US telephones – Verizon Wireless,  AT & T , T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular – and also by a new member , Comcast Xfinity Mobile. You can also find it on  Amazon , Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Straight Talk Wireless, Target and Walmart.

To obtain the Note 9 model of 512GB you will have to go to AT & T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and US Cellular, in addition to


Operator Payments by installments Payments to rent Full payment Operator promotions
Verizon 128GB: US $ 41.66 monthly payments for 24 months;512GB: US $ 52.08 monthly payments for 24 months N / A 128GB model: US $ 999 or 512GB: $ 1,249.99 Buy the Note 9 of 128GB and get a second Note 9 for free, or a free Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus with a payment plan in installments and after activating a line. Members of the Verizon Up loyalty program receive US $ 10 in discounts on Samsung products.
AT & T 128GB: US $ 33.34 monthly payments for 30 months N / A Buy the Note 9 of 128GB and receive a second Note 9, or a free Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus for free
T Mobile 128GB: US $ 30 monthly payments for 24 months with US $ 280 down payment; 512GB: US $ 30 monthly payments for 24 months with US $ 530 of down payment. Rent the Note 9 of 128GB for US $ 40 per month for 18 months with US $ 81.99 of down payment; 516GB is not available Note 9 of 128GB for US $ 999 or 512GB for US $ 1,249.99 Customers will receive a 50 percent discount on the 128GB model with the redemption of an eligible cell phone.
Sprint N / A Rent the Note 9 of 128GB for 18 monthly payments of US $ 20.83 per month with zero down payment (for eligible customers) with the activation of a new line. N / A The rental price reduces the Note 9 by 50 percent, according to Sprint.
Xfinity Mobile N / A N / A N / A With the purchase of the Note 9, the activation of a new line and the transfer of your phone number to Xfinity, consumers will receive a prepaid card of US $ 300.

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