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Facebook enables music features so you can sing on the social network

The songs of famous artists begin to come to Stories, Live, the Pages of these artists and also your profile.


Facebook announced on Wednesday that it is ready to start singing now that music can be added to videos and user profiles. 

Available immediately, the giant social network will allow users to choose different music tracks to use with their Facebook Stories. According to the company, after you choose the photo or video to which you want to put a rhythm, you must select the track you want to use by first pressing the stickers icon and then playing the music button. Further, Facebook will allow you to choose the portion of the song you want to reproduce with your story.

Facebook also said that it will expand the function of singing in playback, that is, making lip sync live on Facebook Live to more user profiles all over the world. This last feature has already been available, but with a limited selection of artists. Now also Facebook will increase its collaboration with more artists so you can do lip sync with them on the platform. Or, and if you want to see the lyrics, Facebook will add them soon. 

Another new feature is that now users can set a song to their profile to share what they have been hearing with their acquaintances. This track can be added, and changed, from a new music section that Facebook plans to include in your profile. Facebook said that when a friend plays the song of your profile they will also receive more information about the artist and the album. 

Facebook had announced in June that they would release these features explaining then that this was going to be possible because they had been negotiating with different labels around the world to bring more musical experiences to the platform.

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