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Google Call Screen monitors your calls to avoid spam; that’s how it works

If you do not want a call to interrupt you, Google can take care of it.

Google Call Screen

Google recently announced its new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones but also unveiled a new call monitoring service that will come with these new phones. This feature helps you deal with calls from unknown numbers or from people you want to avoid.

Call Screen answers incoming calls, asks the interlocutor for more information and gives options through the monitoring process to better deal with the call. The function is impressive and easy to use.

Google Call Screen

How to use the calling feature of Pixel 3

Every time your Pixel sounds, you’ll see the standard interface for an incoming call, but now you’ll see a new Screen Call button. You do not need to activate this function, since it is enabled by default. Tap the button to answer the call and for Google Assistant to start interacting with the other party. The start dialog for the call is always the same. Google will let the caller know you are using a call monitoring service, which will give you a transcript of the call and ask the person to give the reason for the call.
Once the interlocutor begins to speak, transcribe his response in real time. Just below the transcript, there will be a series of buttons to ask the caller more questions, let him know that you are busy, are not interested in speaking or call you later.

Google Call Screen

If the call is spam, you can report it as such and Google will end the call. If it’s someone you want to talk to, you can press the green button to answer the call.

Configuration: How to change your voice

Google Call Screen

You can change the voice used in the Call Screen function, and you can go from the woman’s voice that is by default to a man’s voice.
Open the Phone app, tap the menu button and then the Settings button. Down the options, you will find Call Screen. Select Call Screen and then Voice. After listening to a preview of each voice, select the one you want to use and skip settings.

Privacy comes first

Call Screen uses Google Assistant to monitor the call. As Assistant transcribes your orders in real time, it also transcribes incoming calls. At no time during the call is information sent to Google servers, everything is done on your phone.
Each time you ask Google Assistant to perform tasks such as sending messages or playing music, Google stores the recording of the audio in your Google account.
Google does not link or store audio related to Call Screen, or transcripts, in your Google account. You can see the list of interactions and listen to the audio of each one here. I have seen my history I can not find the instances in which I used Call Screen.

It will reach more phones

At the moment, Call Screen is available only in Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Google has said that Call Screen will reach previous versions of Pixel through a software update in November.

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