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How to install Google Play on a Chinese smartphone or tablet

If you bought a smartphone in China and when it arrives you do not have Google Play, do not worry, you can install the app market and all Google services in the blink of an eye.


In China, you can find great devices at a great price, but some do not have all the software you expected in an Android. If you bought a smartphone in China and when it arrives you do not have Google Play, do not worry, you can install the app market and all Google services in the blink of an eye.

Google’s services in China are very limited. So the national manufacturers do without the services of the search engine and offer alternative services that, besides being in Chinese, do not work outside the borders of the country. Some devices have an international version of the software that does include Google Play. For those who do not have Google Play pre-installed we can get it in two ways:

  1. Install the necessary Google applications manually
  2. Install a package that automates the process

As an alternative, there are also some other alternative application markets that you can install.

Install Google Play Store and Google services manually

First, we have to activate the option to install software from unknown sources within the security settings of the system (depending on the manufacturer of the device the route may vary). Then we need to download from APK Mirror four fundamental applications for Google Play Store to work and install them:

  • Download Google Account Manager. Download the apk for our version of Android. If it is not available I recommend downloading for a previous version.
  • Download Google Services Framework. Here we must also download the apk with the number of the Android version of our device if it is not available to download for a previous version.
  • Download Google Play Services. Here in addition to taking into account the Android version and also the architecture of the processor:  arm (32 bits) or  arm64 (64 bits). It does not matter if the version is beta or stable, the important thing is that it is compatible with your processor and Android version.
  • Download Google Play Store. For this apk we only need it to be the latest version for smartphones (there is also for Android TV and Android Wear).

Once the four applications are installed, we will have the Google Play Store icon among our applications. The first time you launch the application you will be asked to enter your Google account to start downloading applications.

Install Google Play Store automatically from a package

Getting Google services installed on a Chinese smartphone is simpler through a package that installs everything you need. It depends a little on the brand of the device but in general, it is very similar in all. For this example, we are going to install Google Play on a Xiaomi with a Chinese version of MIUI.

To start we will look for the application that will help us install the services we need. All Chinese smartphones usually have a manufacturer’s application store: enter the application and search for “google installer”. If you can not find anything, just search for “google” and use Baidu’s search engine, the blue symbol of an animal’s footprint.

There are several applications depending on the manufacturer. All are usually in Chinese and its icon is similar to the Google Play logo. If you’re not sure, you just have to install it and try it.

Google services

Find the application that installs Google services

Once the application is installed, open it. Click on what appears to be the beginning of the application. In my case, it is this blue circle with Chinese symbols in the center that I suppose says something like “install”.

Do not be afraid of so much Chinese letter

Do not be afraid of so much Chinese letter.

You may be asked for permissions to carry out the installations and several APKs will be downloaded that must be installed such as the calendar, contact manager, Google services and Google Play.

Grant permits to the facilities.

Grant permits the facilities.

Once installed all you just have to register with your Gmail account to access Google Play.

Now you only have to register

Now you only have to register.

Problems with the installation of the automatic package

If the installation of some of the packages or some APK is interrupted, we should try to install it again. To do so, go to the default file browser and look for the APK file that has not been installed correctly. Tap on the file and grant it permissions to install.

If the installation stops, look for the APK and launch it manually.

If the installation stops, look for the APK and launch it manually.

Once installed, it reopens the application that installs the Google services to continue with the process.

Verify that Google Play services are properly installed

To quickly check if Google Play services are working well, the best option is the Play Services Info application. If you check the status something is not right the application itself will give you solutions with download links for the applications you need.

And you, have you ever bought a smartphone from China and had to install the Play Store?

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