LG V40 vs. Galaxy Note 9 vs. iPhone XS Max: Which one is better?

We compared the design, specifications, price and features of the LG V40 ThinQ with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone XS Max to help you determine which phone might be best for you.


The LG V40 ThinQ comes with five cameras (three rear and two front cameras) to challenge the Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max, two powerful, large and more expensive cell phones.

The cheapest of these phones is the LG V40, with its initial price of US $ 899, followed by the Galaxy Note 9 which has a starting price of US $ 999 and then the iPhone XS Max which has a price of US $ 1,099.

The main advantage of the LG V40 ThinQ is in its cameras, since it offers the same Samsung and Apple cell phone experience (as a regular and telephoto lens), but also includes a wide-angle lens that allows it to differentiate itself and offers even more flexibility to take pictures and capture different perspectives from the same position.

However, we must bear in mind that the only camera with optical image stabilization in the LG V40 is the main one, while the two cameras of the Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone XS Max have that stabilization.

Similarly, the LG V40 also integrates two front cameras, a wide angle and a regular that allow more flexibility when you want to take a selfie by yourself or when you want to take a selfie with your friends.

It also includes a 32-bit Quad-Dac high fidelity sound amplifier with DTS: X technology that offers better sound quality through headphones directly connected to the cell phone. And, since we’re talking about hearing aids, it’s good to mention that the only one that does not have a regular headphone jack here is the iPhone XS Max.

However, the dual speaker of the iPhone and the Galaxy Note 9 (Samsung’s cell phone has Dolby Atmos technology) offers better sound quality on its own.

The three cell phones are water resistant with IP68 certification (up to 2 meters deep for up to 30 minutes), can be charged wirelessly, have a glass front and back, and are compatible with fast charging. However, so that this last function can be enjoyed on the iPhone XS Max, you will have to buy an additional adapter and cable that usually costs US $ 68 more ( US $ 19 cable and US $ 49 adapter ).

Something interesting is that although these phones have very similar screens and sizes (the iPhone XS Max is the largest with a 6.5-inch screen vs. 6.4 inches of the others), the LG V40 is considerably lighter (169 grams) vs. 201 grams of the Note 9 and 208 grams of the iPhone XS Max).

Also, the three cell phones have OLED screens that there are not many things that we could complain about, because they are excellent. The only observation here would be that the LG V40 is the one with the best resolution (3,120×1,440 pixels vs. 2,960×1,440 pixels in the Note 9 and 2,688×1,242 pixels) and pixel density than the other cell phones (537ppp vs. 414ppp vs. 458ppp.

In addition, while the iPhone XS Max has the largest eyebrow of all, the LG V40 has the smallest eyebrow of these phones and the Galaxy Note 9 has no eyebrows. That said, it’s clear that the Galaxy Note 9 has the most symmetrical design of the three.

In addition, the Galaxy Note 9 has its optical stylus with all its functions, it can become better virtual reality glasses or a desktop computer by simply connecting it to a monitor and is the one with more initial storage (128GB vs. 64GB) . Even, because it has a microSD slot (just like the LG V40 because the iPhone XS Max does not have), the Galaxy Note 9 can have up to 1TB of storage.

The iPhone XS Max can also be purchased with 256GB or 512GB of storage (the Note 9 only in 128GB or 512GB plus the microSD slot), while the LG V40 can only be purchased with 64GB of storage currently.

The Galaxy Note 9 also has an iris reader and the iPhone XS Max has the best facial recognition of the three, but although Samsung’s cell phone and LG’s are the only ones that have a fingerprint reader in this comparison, the size and Positioning that LG implements in the V40 make it more practical.

Regarding specifications, the Galaxy Note 9 is the one that wins by integrating up to 8GB of RAM and a 4,000mAh battery. However, although the V40 and Note 9 share the same Snapdragon 845 processor, Apple’s A12 Bionic processor has managed to deliver great results and surpass, at least in some performance tests, the other two cell phones.

To conclude that one is better than another is difficult because first, it will depend on the preference of the operating system you have (be Android in the LG V40 and Note 9, or iOS in the iPhone XS Max).

If you prefer three cameras with different perspectives and better sound quality by hearing aids, the LG V40 is for you. If you want the one that has more features and better battery life, the Galaxy Note 9 is for you. But, if you prefer iOS and you are interested in having a better facial recognition, the iPhone XS Max is a better option.

We compared the specifications and features of the LG V40 ThinQ with the Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone XS Max to help you make a better purchase decision.


LG V40 ThinQ Galaxy Note 9 iPhone XS Max
screen 6.4 inches (OLED) 6.4 inches (AMOLED) 6.5 inches (OLED)
Resolution 3,120×1,440 pixels 2,960×1,440 pixels  2,688×1,242 pixels
Pixel density 537ppp 514ppp 458ppp
OS Android Oreo Android Oreo iOS 12
Processor 2.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (eight cores) 2.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (eight cores) / 2.7GHz Samsung Exynos 9810 (eight cores) Apple A12 Bionic (six cores)
Storage 64GB 128GB or 512GB 64GB, 256GB, 512GB
Storage expansion Yes Yes Do not
Rear camera A regular camera of 12 megapixels (78 degrees with aperture f / 1.5 and optical image stabilization), a wide-angle 16 megapixels (107 degrees with an aperture of f / 1.9) and a telephoto of 12 megapixels (45 degrees with an opening of f / 2.4) 12 megapixels with optical image stabilization, a double photodiode (double pixel) and a variable aperture of f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 Double 12-megapixel camera, one with optical image stabilization and aperture of f / 1.8 and f / 2.4
Slow motion recording 240fps in Full HD, 60fps in 4K 960fps in HD, 240fps in Full HD, 60fps in 4K 240fps in Full HD, 60fps in 4K
Frontal camera Double of 8 megapixels and a wide-angle of 5 megapixels 8 megapixels f / 1.7 7 megapixels (TrueDepth Camera)
RAM 6GB 6GB or 8GB 4GB
Battery 3,300mAh 4,000mAh 3,179mAh
Removable battery Do not Do not Do not
Connectivity 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4, 5GHz) 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4, 5GHz) 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0 Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4, 5GHz)
NFC Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Yes (IP68: up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes) Yes (IP68: up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes) Yes (IP68: up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes)
Fingerprint reader Yes (rear) Yes (lower part of the rear cameras) Do not
Iris reader Do not Yes (Intelligent Scan: activates iris and facial recognition at the same time) Do not
Face recognition Yes Yes Yes (Face ID)
Wireless charging Yes Yes Yes
Important features Boombox horn, DTS: X, Hi-Fi Quad DAC 32 bit, double front camera and three rear cameras, screen almost without bevels with eyebrow, waterproof, wide-angle camera, 2x optical zoom through your telephoto, resistance to water, microSD card slot, compatible with wireless charging, button dedicated to Google Assistant Double speaker with Dolby Atmos, camera with optical image stabilization and variable aperture, water resistance, microSD card slot, USB-C, Google Play and Samsung Pay, Bixby, iris scanner, curved screen with Edge screen functions, brings headphones optimized by AKG, can be converted into virtual reality glasses with Gear VR and desktop computer without Samsung DeX Pad or DeX, S Pen with more colors and works as a remote control and your camera brings artificial intelligence functions. The screen almost without bevels, 3D facial recognition, animojis, bokeh effect that can be adjusted after taking the picture, Apple Pay, Siri, double speaker, 3D Touch
Size 158.7×75.7×7.6mm 161.9×76.4×8.8mm 157.5×77.4×7.7mm
Weight 169 grams 201 grams 208 grams
Price Starting at US $ 899 US $ 999 / 1,009 euros US $ 1,099 / 1,259 euros



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