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Samsung launches new model of its Odyssey mixed reality glasses

The new Odyssey Plus relies on the Windows mixed reality platform to offer immersive experiences.

Odyssey Plus
This is how the Odyssey Plus looks, the new Samsung mixed reality glasses.

Samsung introduced the Odyssey Plus, a new version of its mixed reality glasses that promise better immersive experiences on Monday.

With specifications similar to the first delivery of the glasses, the new Odyssey Plus have an AMOLED screen of 3.5 inches and resolution of 1,440 x 1,600 per eye, said Samsung. They also integrate surround audio in 360 degrees. The glasses weigh 590 grams or 1.3 pounds and come with two controls that offer six degrees of freedom, that is, more movement capacity for the characters on the screen.

The Odyssey Plus again incorporates the Windows mixed reality platform to offer this augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. In addition, the glasses are compatible with Windows virtual assistant Cortana allowing users to use their voices to communicate with other players or users of Windows devices.

The glasses are available for US $ 500 starting on October 22 in the physical stores of Microsoft and online by in the US. Consumers in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, and South Korea will have to wait a little longer to buy them. If you want to buy the first Odyssey, you can buy them for US $ 350, which represents a discount of US $ 150. 

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