The Google Home app is updated with Google Assistant to control your smart home

Google Home now not only serves to configure your Google Home and Chromecast, but it becomes the control center of the smart home.


The Google Home app has received the most important update so far, radically increasing its functions.

With the update, the home screen of the Google Home app is now very similar to the new control panel of the smart home that offers  Google Home Hub to slide from top to bottom and will reach the Lenovo Smart Display and similar devices in the future.

From there, you can see the status of the different smart devices you have at home and you can control them. In addition, you can organize these smart devices through rooms.

Another of the most important news is that Google Assistant has been integrated directly into the app so you can also use your voice to control your devices.

With all this, the Google Home app gets more up to date with what the Amazon Alexa app offers and even similar to what Apple offers with HomeKit.

Google has not given a specific date but said that the update of the Google Home app with this news will come “soon” to Android and iOS.

During its Made by Google event on October 9, 2018, Google also announced the arrival of its intelligent speaker with a screen called Google Home Hub, its new Pixel 3 cell phones, the new Chromecast 2018 and other devices.


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