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These are all the new features of the new Pixel 3 camera

Google is back to betting on the software for the camera of its flagship phones.

Google Top Shot

At last, Google’s new phones are official for this year. The new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL corroborated almost all the rumors we had about them to date and, of course, once again, their strong point is again the photographic equipment. On this occasion, we found in both phones the same sensor of 12.2 megapixels and aperture f / 1.8 that had the Pixel 2 but with various software-level improvements that we list below:

  • Top Shot: this function causes that when pressing the shutter button of the camera, it shoots in burst to obtain several images. Next, it will be the artificial intelligence itself that will select the best photograph of all those that have been made.

  • Photobooth: this mode is used to take pictures with the timer and when leaving the phone in a fixed place, the camera uses the AI to recognize when is the best time to take a picture without having to press the shutter.

  • Super Res Zoom: it is a computational photography system that improves the quality of zoomed captures (eliminating the grain) through machine learning .

  • Automatic tracking of the subject: the camera is able to automatically focus on an object and the application will keep it focused at all times regardless of whether it moves.

  • Night Sight: for situations in low light conditions, the new Google Pixel 3 are able to optimize the results using machine learning , avoiding that the user has to use the flash at all times and optimizing the image with the greatest amount of light possible natural

  • Playground: this function uses augmented reality to make selfies and videos more fun. Google has partnered exclusively with Marvel Cinematic Universe to bring the characters from the Marvel universe that sneak into the videos and selfies taken with this new Pixel camera mode.

  • Improvement of Google Lens: another of the improvements in the graphical section is the improvement of Google Lens, the system of recognition of images capable of detecting objects, recognizing texts or Web addresses and that now promises that it is much more optimized, with times of shorter response.

  • Group Selfie: finally we found this option with which we have 184 percent in selfies , which leaves us more space for group photos without anyone being left out.

As we see, the cameras of the new Pixel paint very well, so we are looking forward to test them thoroughly to see if they return to become one of the phones with the best camera on the market.

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